Featuring Dr Eileen Koh on TV!

Colgate-Palmolive Malaysia, Ministry of Health and the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA), were promoting the importance of oral health among Malaysians during this Oral Health Month (March 2016). The campaign, now in its 13th consecutive year, carries the theme “Keep Malaysia Smiling”.

In conjunction of this campaign, Dr Eileen Koh was invited to be MDA representative on NTV 7 Bella Live Show. The interview aimed to sustain awareness and interest of the campaign among the public after the launch on 9th March 2016. Besides, it’s to establish and emphasize the key role of oral health plays in general health and well-being on which is in line with the National Oral Health Plans for Year 2020 goals.

The content was aired live from the studio on Monday, 14th March 2016 (11am-12pm) for the Bella CONFIDENTIAL block.

The interview with the spokespeople had discussed on how Malaysians should consider oral health and overall wellbeing holistically and that OHM 2016 is intensifying its efforts to educate Malaysians on the matter. Other topics that were discussed include dental cavities, dentine hypersensitivity, gum trauma, and braces.

For the full video clip of the interview on Bella NTV7, you may watch it on Bella(2016) Episode 46 on tonton website or access via the link below :-


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